Customer Success Story : Physician Partners of America

Physician Partners of America (PPOA) is a multi-faceted healthcare group that focuses on building strategic alliances and partnerships with private-practice and multi-specialty physicians. PPOA allows its partners to remain focused on delivering superior healthcare and building stronger doctor-patient relationships, without the economic pressures associated with a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Rather than working with multiple disparate vendors, Physician Partners of America (PPOA) was in need of finding one partner that was going to quickly, and easily help them cover all areas of business. They were also looking for a tier one product that would complement the organization’s fast-growing initiatives.

Pain management is a unique silo in the healthcare field so PPOA was also in need of a partner that was going to be willing to work with their team and understand the vision of where the organization was trying to go.

Capture3“We chose to work with InterDyn BMI simply because they already had a strong practice in place,” says Roger Safont, Chief Information Officer of PPOA. “They helped us get from point A to point B really fast, especially considering all of the financial, marketing and reporting components that we had to manage.”

PPOA decided the right solution for their organization was ERP4Health powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX. “When it came down to flushing out the solutions of HIPPA from a marketing and compliance perspective, it was really the relationship with InterDyn BMI that helped me understand everything I had to be involved with,” explains Safont. “There are a lot of organizations out there that are good at AX or CRM, but I needed the one solution that I could completely have trust in which is why we chose InterDyn BMI’s ERP4Health, powered by AX.”

One of PPOA’s primary focuses today is to drive down the cost of its healthcare, which can be achieved by actively using Business Intelligence and by leveraging all of the Microsoft tools. Safont strongly believes that having one consolidated system and not having to worry about different byproducts and vendor applications saves the organization a lot of money.

“Microsoft is very economical in terms of the total cost of ownership,” he says. “I can hold multiple databases on one server which means that I don’t have to worry about additional licenses. I only have to worry about having the enterprise infrastructure tied to it.”


How to use the Task Recorder feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 task recorder is a tool that will aide in the documentation process. This documentation can provide the step by step instruction for completion of the process as required. Once generated and verified, can be accessed online by users or provided as a hardcopy for work instructions. The task recorder is also a great tool to record a process issue or record the steps needed to duplicate an error or software bug.

To use the Task recorder go to File > Tools > Task Recorder

The Task recorder button will appear:

To record, click the RED button

From this point forward, any click / selection within the application will be recorded. This includes screen shots and movement through modules.

When completed with the process > Click the BLUE button:

A prompt will appear asking if you wish to ‘Save this task?

If you are done recording, click on Yes and then enter additional task notes as desired.

Once the task is saved, the Task recorder buttons will re-appear. To generate the Microsoft Word document of the recording, click the ARROW button.

The recorded tasks form will open.

The Generate document prompt will appear. Normally, the task recordings are generated in Microsoft Word (default).

The following is an example of a Microsoft Word document created (Click to enlarge).

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