Become a Leader in Your Industry with Dynamics AX

With Microsoft continuously working on improving the end-user experience, InterDyn BMI has been putting a lot of information and functionality into its Dynamics AX systems. What it has really come down to is refining and improving the day-to-day process for the end user. We are continuously coming up with ways to make your job easier, make it more convenient to find what you are looking for and make it more understandable about where to go and what to do.

“When all is said and done, the end user uses the system every single day,” says AX Product Manager, Donald Hilton, “so everything we can do to make your job better and easier is going to be a great improvement to the software.” Hilton not only manages the company’s Dynamics AX teams, but also works as the solution architect, helping customers envision where the product will go after purchasing.

When asked what distinguishes AX from the other Tier 1 solutions, he explained that people already understand a lot of its functionality and its ease of use because it is a Microsoft platform. Dynamics AX is also known for its customization functionalities, making it more personal to your business while giving you the upper edge in your industry.

“My advice to someone looking for a new partner for their ERP system is to look past the software,” Hilton says. “It is very easy to focus on the firm things you know such as ‘I need a new ERP system’ or ‘I need new hardware,’ but at the end of the day, your implementation is more than software and hardware. It involves your company, your company’s culture and all of the people that are there.”

InterDyn BMI can help you with the best processes for your implementation and make you a leader in your industry as you move into a new ERP system. Contact us today to learn more.


How to Clear Intercompany Purchase Orders in Dynamics AX

If you have started to use intercompany processing you may find that you want to centralize the packing slips and invoicing of those orders.   Keep up with that and making sure the dates are correct is a detail task.  Here you can post the packing slips and invoices and AX will keep the dates synchronized for you.

You can start in one of 2 places

  • All Purchase Order or Purchase orders Received and not invoiced
  • Both are found in the Accounts Payable module.


Open the purchase order window and navigate to the Manage tab.

From here you can do a number of tasks.

  • Open the intercompany order
  • Open the original order
  • View the packing slips from the intercompany order
  • View the Invoices from the Intercompany order

NOTE: when viewing the Packing Slips and Invoices you are changing companies.


Packing slip view:


From this location you can post the packing slip in the other company if it has not already been posted.  This is great for partial shipments:


If the packing slip has been posted you will not see the option to post.


Click on the Invoice Journal. You can see that there are 2 invoices, one for each packing slip that was shipped.  You may have a single invoice for multiple packing slips depending on how you have the invoicing batch process setup.

From here you can see if there are misc. charges added to the invoice so that you can update the invoice during posting.


Click the intercompany menu and select Invoice posting. This will generate an invoice that is dated the same date as the sales order invoice from the intercompany order.  Depending on the setup you will get an error message because the invoice requires an invoice date to be added.


Navigate to Accounts Payable> Common> Vendor Invoices> pending vendor invoices

Locate the purchase order that you invoiced and click the edit button:


Enter the invoice date which should match the posting date that was pulled from the sales order invoice that is being matched. Click Post:


(A pop-up message will appear. Click Post again)

If you find misc. charges on the invoice you must add them from the list view of pending vendor invoices before you clear the warning.

  • Click on the financials tab
  • Click on maintain charges
  • Enter the misc. charge and close the window.
  • Click on Allocate charges to move the charges to the lines.
  • Post the invoice as instructed above.

12Sales tax can be adjusted by using the sales tax button and entering the amount in the field.

Total Actual sales tax amount:


Providing Superior Health Care with Improved Data and Resource Management

Microsoft technologies provide a common system infrastructure and business application architecture in the cloud, on premises, and mobile. Leveraging relevant, manageable, and accessible business intelligence and analytics using data from Microsoft solutions and their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, they effectively control costs and analyze procedures.

Customer Reimbursements by Check using Customer Accounts


Created by: Greg Griffith of InterDyn BMI

Your customers place orders (hopefully many orders) and as the saying goes, “the customer is always right.” Sometimes, returns or adjustments are made and your customer is due a refund that you want to pay out now rather than defer until later. Providing quality customer service will sometimes mean that you need to issue a customer refund or reimbursement, and some of those refunds may go out using a check as the Method of Payment.

Customer refunds can be generated from the AR Payment Journal in Dynamics using the Customer Master without the need to set up a Vendor Master, saving you a lot of time.  Setting up a vendor account that is linked to a customer account will work, but why do the extra steps?  We all know that you can generate checks to vendors using an AP Payment Journal.  Dynamics AX provides another variation, allowing you to generate checks to customers using an AR Payment Journal.  No vendor account is needed.  You can use a customer account to generate the check.

A satisfied customer and a happy accounting department are two must-haves. The steps described in this blog post may help to save steps for your Accounting Department when generating Customer Reimbursement checks.

Steps for Issuing a Customer Reimbursement by Check Payment

  1. For Journal line, do these steps:
    1. Select Account field and use drop-down control to select Customer account to be reimbursed.
    2. Next, move to Invoice Go to menu and select Functions > Settlement. A form will open to show Open Transactions for the selected Customer Account.  Use the checkbox control in the Mark column to select the Open Transactions (Credit Invoices or Payments) to be reimbursed.
    3. Press the Close button in the lower, right corner of the form. Return to the Journal voucher
  2. Go to AR Payment journal at menu path: Accounts receivable > Journals > Payments > Payment journal. Form will open.
    1. If needed, click on New to create a new Payment Journal.
    2. For Name, enter “Payment” or a Journal Name of your choice.
      1. Note: You may want to set up a Journal Name and associated Number Sequence for Voucher number that is unique to your process of generating Customer Reimbursement checks.
    3. Revise “Description” (Optional).
    4. Next, click on Lines. Form will open.
  3. Add additional payment lines as applicable.
    1. For each payment line, confirm or change the value for Method of Payment to be “CustReim”. “CustReim” is a Method of Payment that can be setup and reserved for the purpose of generating Customer Reimbursement checks.  You can also call it something else.  This AR Method of Payment would be setup like your AP Method of Payment for checks.
  4. Next, go to the menu and selection Functions > Generate payments. Form will open.
    1. For Method of Payment, select “CustReim” (or equivalent).
    2. Confirm that selection for Bank Account is correct.
    3. Next, select the Dialog Form will open for Payment by check.
  5. Select the Document Form will open for Print destination settings.
    1. Select print destination settings as needed.
    2. Then, press the OK
  6. Return to Payment by check
    1. Press the OK
  7. Return to Generate payments
    1. Press the OK Checks will generate.
  8. Return to Journal voucher
    1. Confirm that Payment status for each line has changed to “Sent”.
    2. Confirm that check number shows in Payment reference
    3. When ready, post the journal using the Menu button(s) for Post.
    4. Close the Journal voucher
  9. Go to menu path: Cash and bank management > Common > Checks (Optional). Form will open.
    1. Review the list of checks and confirm that your Customer reimbursement checks are shown.
    2. Check register will show payments to both Vendors and Customers under Recipient.


Your AP and AR groups can share a common set of check stock and a common check-printer device.  You will want to coordinate who is printing what as well as the next check number.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact InterDyn BMI and we will connect you with one of our Dynamics AX consultants.

Why You Should Attend the 2015 AX User Group Summit


The AX User Group Summit in Reno, NV is three days dedicated to helping you increase productivity and get maximum benefits from your Dynamics AX implementation. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to network with and learn best practices from other users, to discover the solutions to issues from other professionals who use the software every day, and to participate in interactive training sessions and group discussions.

Developing and maintaining professional relationships is an important aspect of any organization, especially in today’s technology-driven world. The User Group Summit is the perfect place to network and build a stronger community with your clients, partners, Microsoft representatives and other passionate individuals in the industry.

In addition to 200 interactive breakout sessions with other users and subject-matter experts, the conference will enable you to learn more about the software from Microsoft employees and technology partners. You can also attend the Expo, which features some of the top Dynamics Partners. You’ll learn new ideas and evaluate add-on solutions that could help your organization realize additional productivity from your implementation.

George Kourounis is the keynote speaker this year and he is ready to motivate you into “making the fear disappear”. As a storm-chaser and the host of Angry Planet, Kourounis will show you that fear is not only something that can be managed & controlled, it is a vital element to accomplishing anything worthwhile. Plus, the Summit expo floor will be filled with Microsoft product experts, giving you the chance to ask all the questions you have about your business solutions. Get ready to leave inspired.

InterDyn BMI is a Gold Sponsor and will be at Booth #725Register now to join us!

Customer Success Story : Physician Partners of America

Physician Partners of America (PPOA) is a multi-faceted healthcare group that focuses on building strategic alliances and partnerships with private-practice and multi-specialty physicians. PPOA allows its partners to remain focused on delivering superior healthcare and building stronger doctor-patient relationships, without the economic pressures associated with a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Rather than working with multiple disparate vendors, Physician Partners of America (PPOA) was in need of finding one partner that was going to quickly, and easily help them cover all areas of business. They were also looking for a tier one product that would complement the organization’s fast-growing initiatives.

Pain management is a unique silo in the healthcare field so PPOA was also in need of a partner that was going to be willing to work with their team and understand the vision of where the organization was trying to go.

Capture3“We chose to work with InterDyn BMI simply because they already had a strong practice in place,” says Roger Safont, Chief Information Officer of PPOA. “They helped us get from point A to point B really fast, especially considering all of the financial, marketing and reporting components that we had to manage.”

PPOA decided the right solution for their organization was ERP4Health powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX. “When it came down to flushing out the solutions of HIPPA from a marketing and compliance perspective, it was really the relationship with InterDyn BMI that helped me understand everything I had to be involved with,” explains Safont. “There are a lot of organizations out there that are good at AX or CRM, but I needed the one solution that I could completely have trust in which is why we chose InterDyn BMI’s ERP4Health, powered by AX.”

One of PPOA’s primary focuses today is to drive down the cost of its healthcare, which can be achieved by actively using Business Intelligence and by leveraging all of the Microsoft tools. Safont strongly believes that having one consolidated system and not having to worry about different byproducts and vendor applications saves the organization a lot of money.

“Microsoft is very economical in terms of the total cost of ownership,” he says. “I can hold multiple databases on one server which means that I don’t have to worry about additional licenses. I only have to worry about having the enterprise infrastructure tied to it.”

How to Setup Unique Notes in AX for Each Sales Order Document

It is not uncommon to want a specific message on your packing slip that does not also appear on the invoice or confirmation. The standard AX system, however, attaches this same note to all documents.

In order to attach a unique note for a specific form or slip, you need to create different note types using the following steps.

Organization administration > Setup > Document Management > Document Types

First, create your note for each form.

For the purpose of this demonstration, the note is named the same as the form I want it to appear on:


The next step is to configure the forms to use a single type of note.

Account Receivable > Setup > Forms > Forms Setup

For each form, you can select which notes to print on the document: Header, Line or All (All is usually the default):


To be more selective choose the note type you created earlier to the appropriate form. In this case, I am creating a Confirmation Note. This process also works with purchase orders as well.


When you are ready to order, you can attach the notes for each form.

Sales and Marketing > Common > All Sales Orders

You can access the notes section on the header or lines by clicking on the paper clip (attachments) located on the sales order ribbon. On the lines, you will find Attachments under the Sales order line menu.

Next, enter each of the notes for the sales order and set the Restriction to External. External will insure that the notes are to be printed on the respective documents:


Each form will print with their unique notes as such: