Why NOW Is the Time to Upgrade Your Dynamics AX

By Donald Hilton, AX Practice Manager

Upgrading your ERP system has always been a task unto itself.  I have met very few companies after implementing a new ERP system who have set out a plan to keep it updated with the latest features.  They often were just happy about surviving the implementation and keeping the status quo.

That is not true either, because for many, the Status Quo means customizing all of the parts of the system that they did not like or automating processes to save time and money.

Microsoft has released its 90-day notice of a price increase for Dynamics AX and change in licensing.  That is not a monumental announcement but it is worth noting a few items in the announcement.

  1. There will be an on-premise version of Dynamics 365 coming out in June.
  2. There will also be a price increase starting in July for current AX 2012 over 10%.
  3. There will not be an upgrade path from AX 2009 to AX 2012.

The reason why the third announcement is important now is that there is no way to upgrade your current AX 2009 to Dynamics 365 and move the transactional history you have created over the last 4-10 years.  I am not always sure that moving that transactional history is important, but if your company thinks that it is, you have to first upgrade to AX 2012 and then to D365.  However, that will not be an option after July 1, 2017.

You must upgrade to AX 2012.   The reason for the upgrade has to do with the database structure of AX 2012.  There is one database that holds transactions and another that holds the code.  We are in the process of upgrading a very early version of AX 2012 before R1 when the database was still a single repository.  The two-step process allows for the code to upgrade and leave the data behind or bring it forward.

Now is the time to plan your long-term goals and strategies for your upgrade path.  Is it important that you take your transactional data with you? Can you load it in a data warehouse and access it for reporting?  The decision you make now will affect your cost of doing business over the continued life of AX 2009.  Mainstream support will be ending in 4/10/2018 and only Extended support until 10/21/2021.  That is paid support except for security hot fixes, which would include your upgrade should you wait another 4 years.

If you would like assistance in reviewing your current installation or you have a goal to find the ROI for moving to a perpetually updated platform like Dynamics 365, contact us today and one of our Business Analysts will be glad to work with you.


How to use the Task Recorder feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 task recorder is a tool that will aide in the documentation process. This documentation can provide the step by step instruction for completion of the process as required. Once generated and verified, can be accessed online by users or provided as a hardcopy for work instructions. The task recorder is also a great tool to record a process issue or record the steps needed to duplicate an error or software bug.

To use the Task recorder go to File > Tools > Task Recorder

The Task recorder button will appear:

To record, click the RED button

From this point forward, any click / selection within the application will be recorded. This includes screen shots and movement through modules.

When completed with the process > Click the BLUE button:

A prompt will appear asking if you wish to ‘Save this task?

If you are done recording, click on Yes and then enter additional task notes as desired.

Once the task is saved, the Task recorder buttons will re-appear. To generate the Microsoft Word document of the recording, click the ARROW button.

The recorded tasks form will open.

The Generate document prompt will appear. Normally, the task recordings are generated in Microsoft Word (default).

The following is an example of a Microsoft Word document created (Click to enlarge).

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