Become a Leader in Your Industry with Dynamics AX

With Microsoft continuously working on improving the end-user experience, InterDyn BMI has been putting a lot of information and functionality into its Dynamics AX systems. What it has really come down to is refining and improving the day-to-day process for the end user. We are continuously coming up with ways to make your job easier, make it more convenient to find what you are looking for and make it more understandable about where to go and what to do.

“When all is said and done, the end user uses the system every single day,” says AX Product Manager, Donald Hilton, “so everything we can do to make your job better and easier is going to be a great improvement to the software.” Hilton not only manages the company’s Dynamics AX teams, but also works as the solution architect, helping customers envision where the product will go after purchasing.

When asked what distinguishes AX from the other Tier 1 solutions, he explained that people already understand a lot of its functionality and its ease of use because it is a Microsoft platform. Dynamics AX is also known for its customization functionalities, making it more personal to your business while giving you the upper edge in your industry.

“My advice to someone looking for a new partner for their ERP system is to look past the software,” Hilton says. “It is very easy to focus on the firm things you know such as ‘I need a new ERP system’ or ‘I need new hardware,’ but at the end of the day, your implementation is more than software and hardware. It involves your company, your company’s culture and all of the people that are there.”

InterDyn BMI can help you with the best processes for your implementation and make you a leader in your industry as you move into a new ERP system. Contact us today to learn more.


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