How to Clear Intercompany Purchase Orders in Dynamics AX

If you have started to use intercompany processing you may find that you want to centralize the packing slips and invoicing of those orders.   Keep up with that and making sure the dates are correct is a detail task.  Here you can post the packing slips and invoices and AX will keep the dates synchronized for you.

You can start in one of 2 places

  • All Purchase Order or Purchase orders Received and not invoiced
  • Both are found in the Accounts Payable module.


Open the purchase order window and navigate to the Manage tab.

From here you can do a number of tasks.

  • Open the intercompany order
  • Open the original order
  • View the packing slips from the intercompany order
  • View the Invoices from the Intercompany order

NOTE: when viewing the Packing Slips and Invoices you are changing companies.


Packing slip view:


From this location you can post the packing slip in the other company if it has not already been posted.  This is great for partial shipments:


If the packing slip has been posted you will not see the option to post.


Click on the Invoice Journal. You can see that there are 2 invoices, one for each packing slip that was shipped.  You may have a single invoice for multiple packing slips depending on how you have the invoicing batch process setup.

From here you can see if there are misc. charges added to the invoice so that you can update the invoice during posting.


Click the intercompany menu and select Invoice posting. This will generate an invoice that is dated the same date as the sales order invoice from the intercompany order.  Depending on the setup you will get an error message because the invoice requires an invoice date to be added.


Navigate to Accounts Payable> Common> Vendor Invoices> pending vendor invoices

Locate the purchase order that you invoiced and click the edit button:


Enter the invoice date which should match the posting date that was pulled from the sales order invoice that is being matched. Click Post:


(A pop-up message will appear. Click Post again)

If you find misc. charges on the invoice you must add them from the list view of pending vendor invoices before you clear the warning.

  • Click on the financials tab
  • Click on maintain charges
  • Enter the misc. charge and close the window.
  • Click on Allocate charges to move the charges to the lines.
  • Post the invoice as instructed above.

12Sales tax can be adjusted by using the sales tax button and entering the amount in the field.

Total Actual sales tax amount:



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