How to Setup Unique Notes in AX for Each Sales Order Document

It is not uncommon to want a specific message on your packing slip that does not also appear on the invoice or confirmation. The standard AX system, however, attaches this same note to all documents.

In order to attach a unique note for a specific form or slip, you need to create different note types using the following steps.

Organization administration > Setup > Document Management > Document Types

First, create your note for each form.

For the purpose of this demonstration, the note is named the same as the form I want it to appear on:


The next step is to configure the forms to use a single type of note.

Account Receivable > Setup > Forms > Forms Setup

For each form, you can select which notes to print on the document: Header, Line or All (All is usually the default):


To be more selective choose the note type you created earlier to the appropriate form. In this case, I am creating a Confirmation Note. This process also works with purchase orders as well.


When you are ready to order, you can attach the notes for each form.

Sales and Marketing > Common > All Sales Orders

You can access the notes section on the header or lines by clicking on the paper clip (attachments) located on the sales order ribbon. On the lines, you will find Attachments under the Sales order line menu.

Next, enter each of the notes for the sales order and set the Restriction to External. External will insure that the notes are to be printed on the respective documents:


Each form will print with their unique notes as such:




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